Unlock The Shackles That Are Keeping You

 From Experiencing The Long, Hot Marriage You're Dreaming Of

Yes, you can truly rekindle the fires that once burned so hot between the bedroom sheets. No matter how tough the roadblocks you've encountered appear.

How Would You Like to Have a Marriage and Relationship Coaching Session That Helped You Experience Mutually Satisfying, Positive Results with Your Partner?

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day and Neither Is a Great Marriage.

How Would You and Your Partner Benefit If You Could Begin Mastering The Skills of a Happier Marriage Within The First Few Sessions?

Couldn't that alone give you a little hope for your current situation?

Imagine relationship coaching  sessions with you and your partner that are so powerful and regenerating that both of you begin seeing each other like brand new people- One you couldn’t imagine existed any longer.

If you are having any of the following relationship problems, you may want to strongly consider me as your coach:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Infrequent sex
  • Sexual Dysfunction such as erectile challenges
  • Lack of Communication
  • Sex addiction or other sexual habits that interfere with your relationship
  • Infidelity (whether it is sexual or emotional infidelity)
  • Escalating arguments
  • Not enough romance
  • Unsatisfying sex
  • Unsatisfactory results with a prior therapist

So what makes marriage and sex therapy with me different than other  Marriage and Relationship Coaches and why should you place your trust in my brand of Marriage and Relationship Coaching?

I’m the author of The Long, Hot Marriage, a book that not only will improve your sex life, but many other aspects of your relationship. As high as the divorce rate is in the United States, most of the time, relationships can avoid this marriage heartbreak.  My book will teach you the real reasons why you and your partner are disconnected and how to realign your relationship so that there is emotional and sexual satisfaction. You will learn what it takes to communicate as partners so that positive breakthroughs occur.

The Long, Hot Marriage has been endorsed by notable authors such as John Gray, author of “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” and Harville Hendrix, author of “Getting the Love You Want” and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show.

I customize my  Marriage and Relationship Coaching sessions specifically to meet you and your partner’s individual needs.

Some couples need me to focus on co-parenting issues.  Some want an emphasis on their sexual problems.  Some need a therapist who does much listening; some need a therapist who is more confrontive.   Marriage and relationship issues can be difficult to talk about, whether it is of a sexual nature or not and I strive to be sensitive and understanding.  You need a safe place to work out your problems and I always strive to be the kind of coach that will be understanding, yet appropriately challenging.

Many Marriage and Relationship Coaches say they do relationship therapy among many other things but I live and breathe it and truly specialize in marriage, relationship and sex therapy.

These methods have been proven over and over again with thousands of couples in my 25 years of experience.  Many Marriage and Relationship Coaches have a “one size fits all” approach to coaching. Sure they can be great listeners. But what exactly are you being taught to go home and USE?  I will customize my Marriage and Relationship Coaching sessions specifically to meet you and your partner's individual needs.

Couples that have come to me ready to lunge at each other have walked out of my office caressing and crying.

How Often Are You And Your Partner Truly Experiencing Loving Breakthroughs?

The secret to this success is in uncovering exactly how each partner handles relationship conflict by delving straight into the core issues in the coaching sessions.

All coaching sessions are designed to be interactive, dynamic and solution oriented. I'm not going to bore you with text-book psycho-babble. That will not solve your relationship issues. My marriage and relationship coaching sessions are set up to help you solve your relationship problems to have more romance, more loving sex, fulfilling communication and ultimately feel better about yourself AND your partner.

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